Saturday, 27 August 2016


Yes, yes, yes. The picture says it all. I have already spoken enough about Breakfast smoothies. So, to know what that was all about.... click here please.

This time I replaced a fruit with a vegetable and my choice was Beetroot. Some ideas occur instantly and I wanted one more incorporated with the same alphabet and " Bingo".. I zeroed on Blueberries. But when it came to colour intensification the beets won hands down.
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Saturday, 13 August 2016

AMLA GINGER LEMON DETOX - For a happy-healthy tummy!

The recipe source for this detox is from my FIL. He has deep interests in Ayurveda principles and keeps emphasizing on practicing simple home remedies for ailments. We all keep telling him that he should have become an Ayurveda Doctor. He has a good knowledge about herbs and has sizable number of books and snippets that has been meticulously collected over years. All of us at home follow some good habits for general health -
these include consuming herbal powders, medicines and concoctions ( preventive medication) that are recommended for general health and cleansing. Needless to say that this Amla Ginger Lemon detox is a frequent morning drink at our home and is best when had in an empty stomach.  

I hope that, after reading this, you will make this drink a routine in your households.

Monday, 8 August 2016

PANEER TIKKA ON STOVE TOP - A tickling treat!

"Paneer Tikka" - "Chunks of Paneer and vegetables, marinated in in a spicy yogurt  sauce, glazed with butter and cooked in a traditional Tandoor to bring out a smoked flavour"

The above statement reminds me of all the scientific definitions I have learnt in school. LOL!

Paneer Tikka in my opinion is one of the most popular dishes next to Paneer Butter Masala and is widely ordered in restaurants. It is a welcome choice for both Indians and Non Indians and an alternative to its meat counterparts. Cooking in a Clay oven (Indian style BBQ) imparts a distinct aroma and taste that are derived as a result of smoking the food. When paired with Mint dip the mouth feel is tantalizing. Paneer lovers- I can see you all nodding in affirmation.