Who would not want a Chocolate for treat? There can only be a handful of Chocolate haters as compared to Lovers in this world, I guess. I consider Chocolate to be one of the most popular food type and flavour of the world that is incorporated into numerous recipes.
These classic Stick Jaws @ Chocolate Fudge is my childhood favourite.  

SJ's are real creamy and stick to your teeth - your molars in particular leaving a chocolaty feel dwelling in your mouth for a considerable amount of time. Hence the name. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing and clicking pictures with my new DSLR as much as I enjoyed eating these.

My mother used to prepare SJ's quite often and I loved to gobble a couple of them. The enjoyment in having these back from school was even great when I stealthily picked a few when no one was watching. The kid in me still does the same! :)

The recipe is  very simple and calls for only 5 ingredients and the cooking time is less than 15 mins. The outcome is great for the time you spend. All you need is..

Preparation time: 5 mins       Cooking time : 15 mins     Yields : 20 nos roughly       Level of cooking : Easy
Recipe Source : Milkmaid Recipe booklet 


400 gms / 1 tin Condensed milk
100 gms of Butter
70 gms of powdered sugar
1/4 cup/ 40gms of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2 tbsp of All purpose flour/ Maida/ Plain Flour
Chopped Cashew nuts and Walnuts- A fistful each

  • Heat a Kadai or a thick bottomed vessel ( Refer Notes). Add all the ingredients except the nuts and cook on low medium flame.
  • Its ok to have one or two small lumps in the cocoa powder. It will disintegrate as the mixture gets heated. Continue to cook until the mixture stiffens and forms a soft ball or mass. The mixture starts frothing and gives out large bubbles first and then small ones.

  • Stir in the nuts. Transfer the mixture on to a greased tray. Leave it for sometime and cut into desired shape when still warm.
  • Store in an airtight container. 

  • I used a Non stick utensil for preparation. It took 10 mins for me to finish this. Please bear in mind that the heat intensities of burners and vessels vary.
  • In case you use brass vessels, then it may take 12 to 15 mins.
  • You can replace Walnuts and Cashew nuts with Macadamia. It works fine.
  • You need not refrigerate them as you won t have anything left the next day. 


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